Well, it didn't take long for Jack and Nookie to reconnect..

Sire: Jack.  Jack is a pure Great Pyrenees from one registered parent and one unregistered parent.  jack is a large dog, and a capable LGD.
Jack.  White Greate Pyrenees

Bitch: Nookie.  Nookie is an unmasked, all white Anatolian from Masked parents.  Her sire was a third generation from Turkey and her bitch is a well established working LGD.
Nookie.  White Anatolian

Reports from the farms the puppies from this pair's previous litter have gone to have been very good.  There is no reason to expect any different from this litter.  This will be the last litter we will allow for Nookie.  We are NOT in the business of breeding dogs.

These should be due in July sometime.