Sales Policy

For kids not yet born:

  • Contact us via one of the methods on the "Contact" tab, and let us know which breeding pair's kid you want.
  • We maintain a list of buyer preference on a first come first choice basis.
  • We do NOT take deposits until a kid you requested is born.
  • We contact those on the list as kids are born to let them know what is available, and complete the arrangement at that time.

For goats on the ground:

  • We DO take deposits.

All Goat Sales:

  • Must be paid in full before the goat leaves our farm.
  • Boarding fees will be applied to kids not picked up by weaning.
  • Specific health testing requested by the Buyer is at Buyer expense.
  • Transportation health certification is at Buyer expense.
  • Transportation costs are at Buyer expense.


  • All kids will be disbudded within 10 days of birth unless a buyer has requested otherwise.
  • If buyer does NOT want kid disbudded, payment in full is required when that request is made.
  • No refunds are available for kids not disbudded.

Boarding Fees::

  • For any goat(s) not picked up or transported one week after the sale is complete,  purchaser will be charged a maintenance fee of $15 per week per goat, or $50 per month per goat, until said goat(s) are picked up. 
  • During boarding time,  purchaser will be responsible for any other fees related to said goat(s) including but not limited to vet and medicines used on behalf of the goat(s).
  • Kids born to bred does sold but not picked up by kidding will be the property of Rio DeVaca.
  • For the safety and health of the goats, bred does will NOT be transported off of Rio DeVaca within three weeks of their due date.


    • Contact us for details.