No LGD's available at present.  Our current pack is:

Sadie: She is our oldest dog.  She is a golden Pyranees/Anatolian cross, favoring the Pyranees in appearance.  She is "fixed" and a tad crippled from chasing...and catching...cars.
Cinder: She is Sadies daughter with a pure Anatolian sire.  Daddy was 3rd generation from Turkey, and classic in appearance, but carried some colors as Cinder is almost solid black.
Nookie: She is the daughter of the same sire as Cinder and a pure Anatolian female we no longer have.
Willow: She is an Akbash (with a little Anatolian) whelped in October of 2019.  Her sire is Turk, a first generation Ameican with imported Akbash parents.
Jack: Our most recent acquisition is a white Pyranees with one registered parent and one unregistered.  "Jumping Jack" can clear a 4 foot cattle panel fence like it is nothing.
Missy:  She is NOT an LGD.  Our chihuahua who is 7 years old this summer (2020).  Her job around here is mouser and comic relief.