Update: Sale of our female fell through, so we have a girl and a boy from this litter left. 4/23/2019

Our Anatolian "Annie" (I know, real original) is again going to have some puppies.  Sire is pure Anatolian as well, so these are unpapered, but pure.  Contact us if you want one.  We will be asking $350 each for them.  They will be with goats as soon as they can walk (or sooner...depending on where Annie decides to actually have them...she has a few places to choose from).  Picture is Riddick behind Annie from the last breeding.

Update: She had her puppies.  8 total.  Three are pure white in appearance at present, and five have the typical Anatolian masked look.  Some are already spoken for.  Contact us via a method on the "Contact" tab if you are interested.

Yes, the two pics of four puppies are different puppies.